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So me and my friends or plurk buddies make this large crack canon family…
We always get confused on who is related to who and who is married to who.
Sooo I drew a family tree. ^ q ^

1st is the normal plurk famiry tree second is the one with all the ships. Beautiful, beautiful ships. 

Est is the youngest baby, her parents are Megan and Some bitch named Deltrese, Megan  and Avie are married so Avie is Est’s step mom.

Megan is my twin and Avie is my sister… shhhh (incest), Nick and Red are my bros. Red is also Avie’s papa along with Kreuz being Avie’s mama.
Kreuz is also Red and Nick’s bro. Kreuz is also Creep mates with Megan.
  is Red, and Ame’s gammie, Izzi’s papa and Est’s great gammie. Also Izzi is Est’s gammie.

and that’s our crack plurk famiry ^ q ^ - gets hit with brick- 

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